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strong class="question">Why do my headlights look yellow and faded?
Although most headlights today are made using a hard polycarbonate plastic, over time, the environment takes a toll. Even though a silicone hard coat is added during the manufacturing process, daily exposure to vehicle exhaust, UV rays, harsh chemicals and road debris breaks down that protective coat. The resulting surface pitting and chemical changes that occur leaves your headlamp with a dingy yellowing effect. As the conditions worsen, the headlight's performance is affected.

Why is it important to restore my headlights?
Not only does our our Clear View Headlight Restoration process return your headlights to their original beauty, but more importantly it helps to restore their performance. Improved your night vision allows you to identify road hazards sooner and more clearly, thus helping you to drive safer.

How long will the "Clear View" Headlight Restoration service take to complete?

The entire restoration process will take between 1 and 1.5 hrs to completely restore your lenses´ clarity.

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How long can I expect my results last?
On The Spot offers a One Year guarantee on the results of the "Clear View" Headlight Restoration. If yellowing or hazing begins to reoccur within a year, we will return and perform the process again free of charge.

Can I prevent or fix my yellowing / hazing by using Windex or another household cleaner?
Household cleaners cannot reverse or prevent the chemical process that causes these problems. Some cleaners contain ammonia or solvents, which are harmful to the lenses and may advance the deterioration

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and Visa or MasterCard

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we have gift certificates available, and can set the value at whatever amount you would like. Our gift certificates can be used towards any of the services that On The Spot provides; including our "Clear View Headlight Restoration".